Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Rules

So, I saw these cute little Family Rules wall hangings months ago on a couple blogs I follow. This one is my favorite, it was created by Rachelle at Fingerprints on the Fridge. I used most of her rules since they were so perfect, I did add a few parts here and there and also took a few things away. Still this is one of my most favorite projects I have created! Google "family rules" and just see the millions of these wall hangings out there. They are the hottest things, see why?

I started with laying out my paper to cordinate a great mix and pattern. This took lots of time!

Next, I tore the paper into strips about 3-4 inches wide with a decorative edge. I Mod Podged the paper onto a huge piece of plexi-glass I had from home. You can go to Lowes and buy plexi-glass to the size you want. Also, people have used canvas. But, from the sites I have read plexi-glass eliminates the flaw of your paper bubbling. Don't get me wrong it still bubbles just not as bad and is easier to smooth out.

I let my board dry over night. After my pretty little creation had dried I decided for the printing I would use a Cricut Machine. Well, this did not work. To fit everything on it I couldn't get my letters to print small enough. :( Next best thing? I hand painted all my rules. Not my favorite part of this project. This took lots of time and concentration. Let's just say my handwriting is very... plain... and being creative with it was challenging. I did do my best and it does have its flaws...but HEY it is MY FAMILY RULES! So, whatcha think so far?

Here are my rules, I love these because they are something the whole family can benefit from their reminder. My boys have already asked me to read them a few hundred times and they are now reciting them. :)

My Family Rules:

Always tell the truth
Family comes first, always be there
Use your manners. Yes, please. No, Thank you.
Toys don't belong on the floor, put them away...
Sing silly, dance crazy, hug often
Use nice words, ignore dirty words
Have fun, be kind, No fussing, No whining
Hands are for hugging not hitting
Don't go to bed angry~Always kiss goodnight
Keep your promises
Treat eachother with respect
Share EVERYTHING except bad ideas
Husband, adore her~ Wife, love him forever
Say your prayers, Thank GOD for this family!

I tied a cute ribbon through some holes I punched and voila! My Family Rules! Just added it to the perfect wall in my house, added a few accenting pictures and there you have it! Its ADORABLE!!! I can't stop staring at it!

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