Sunday, October 3, 2010

Diced Tomatoes

Lids are popping as I type!

I love that sound. I love knowing that with a little effort the garden can be enjoyed in the months to come. I love thinking that I just saved money by using home preserving. It is TOTALLY worth it!

Yesterday I went out and did some picking...

Tossed the lovely things into a pot and boiled for about 30 seconds until the skins cracked. Dropped them into ice water and slipped the skins.

Next, diced them up!

Filled the jars, sealed the lids and plopped them into the water bath canner for 45 minutes. Pulled them out and ping! Ping! Ping! Three Tupperware bowls filled with diced tomatoes yielded five quarts. I am very impressed.

We still have tons of green tomatoes in the garden. I am hoping we can get a couple more batches in before frost takes over.

Happy Canning Everyone!


  1. I'm really jelous! I wish I had a place to do my own garden... some day! Anyway, how did your garden turn out btw?

  2. Well, since we had to move I lost my garden but it was not much of a loss because it was not doing very well. But, Ron's garden is still doing great. We have had such an odd season so its still producing veggies. So, I am hoping to get more canned before the frost kills everything.