Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Topiary

This is a cute little spring topiary I made. This took a total of about 10 minutes and cost... are you ready? Only $7.00!!! I bought everything at the dollar tree. I have a sofa table centered on a big wall of ours that gets a lot of attention this fits in perfect. I think it looks adorable!
My inspiration came from all my friends that have been making these lately. They seem to be very popular so I jumped on the ban wagon.
To make: I bought a planter, floral Styrofoam block, moss, eggs that were already attached to skewers, I broke a stick off one of the trees in my backyard, tied a ribbon on, then covered a Styrofoam ball with fake flowers. Yes, it was that easy!
My next step is to make one that is universal and then package little pieces that can be added for each holiday/season. For example, shamrocks for St. Patty's day, red/white/blue for the forth of July... you get the picture.
I will definitely be making another one of these as a gift for our Easter dinner guests.
Thanks for lookin'!

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  1. this is so creative and way cute... i love the price too!!!