Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mommy Planned It!

Have you heard of a home management binder? A mommy planner? Or any of those other wonderful tools to help mommies brains from boiling over? Well, after getting frustrated of having all my organizing tools spread here and there and losing them all the time I decided I would make my own "Mommy Planned It" binder.

To make this I started with a plain three-ring binder, scrapbooked the outside with paper, fabric and mod podge. Of course, this is an extra step one I added because I wanted something pretty sitting on my counter rather than a plain, white, vinyl binder.

Inside I have dividers and page protectors, I highly recommend the dividers with pockets in them (I will share why soon!). My dividers are labeled with the following: Calander, Kitchen, Bills, Shopping, and To Do's/ Honey Do's.

The very first thing when you open the binder is our "Emergency Information". This includes our address, emergency contacts, directions to our house, and our emergency plan. I keep this paper in a clear page protector and first because it is easiest for them to find. A really great site that I use and get most of my guides are free printables from Organized Home.

Next, I have my "Calander" tab. In this divider there are a front and back pocket. I use the front side to keep any appointment cards or reminders. The back pocket I use to hold my planner. In this section of the binder, I keep a "Birthday and Anniversaries" sheet listed with all of those special occasions I need to remember and they are organized by month. This template is also a free printable from Organized Home.

"Shopping" section come next. Again, using a 2 pocketed divider, I use the front pocket for local grocery ads, and the back side for coupons. Within the section I keep several blank shopping lists. There are several out there on the web that are free printables, try to find one that works best for you. I also keep a "price book", this lists the stores, item, size, and cost of things we buy often. This comes in handy when I am trying to compare prices and/or remember where I found the 4lb. jar of peanut butter?!

"Kitchen", in the front pocket I keep new recipes I find or cut out of a magazine. The back pocket of the divider I store all the recipe cards for the meals I have planned so they are quick and easy to find. Within the section I keep my current and previous monthly menu planners. I also store a "Favorite Recipe" page, this has the name of the recipe, where to find it, page number and comments. Keeping recipes within this tab is conveinent too.
Bills, the front pocket of the divider is for next month/future bills. The backside of the divider I store my current bills for the month. Within this tab is our monthly budget and our savings plan.

Next tab is the "To do's/ Honey do's". This is a peice I created myself. I keep blank copies of this for future use. We both write down our to do's, or what the other needs to do. I find this really helpful to make sure big projects are spread equally between the two of us and for the other to see who has what going on.

I love this binder! Everything has a purpose and its easy to change. If you think of a new section just pop open the rings and add to it! My newest pages are the "family yellow pages" this helps keep restaurants and business numbers easy to find. Also, I plan to add a "Projects" section. I will use the pockets to keep new projects I have found and another for things I need to pick up for current projects.
I hope you make one for yourself, and customize it to your liking.
Please share any tips you may have!
Best Wishes!

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