Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Sewing/Craft Table

In the past everytime I got the urge to sew, I would drag out my sewing machine and all my needed accessories to my kitchen table, work on my projects, and then clean it all up after I have finished. Sounds annoying? It was.

Lately, I have been using my guest room closet pulling a chair up to one of the built in shelves and working with what I had available. At least using the closet when I had to stop working I could just close the closet doors, that did eliminate some of the hassel of cleaning everytime I took a break.

Well, today I was working on a new sewing project (that secret will be revealed soon), I was cutting fabric on the kitchen table, running back to the guest room closet to sew a little more, then back to the table to re-pin and so on. Well, my hubby got home from work at 2pm this afternoon and decided he would start working on a sewing table for me.

Originally, I think the plan was much more simple then it ended up being. My suggestion was to only use what we have, he went on a search of our garage and found all the needed wood to make the table. I think the best part is he found a board left here by previous tenants, something I had not found yet. It says, "Sew What. Custom Sewing ~ Originals". Brilliant right?! I sure thought so, you know if I had found this it would have been up on a wall by now. So, Jason decided this board would make the perfect desktop (so did I :)). Well, after hours of hard work, making things more detailed and of course, my adding my 2 cents worth of ideas this is what the finished project looks like.

I feel soooo lucky to have such a great hubby to whip this out for me! Love you babe!


  1. p.s. what's cooking this week?

  2. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! AND...holy cow that table is AWESOME...props to the husband...and yeah for you lucky girl! Can't wait to see lots of fun projects gettin' created on that table!

  3. That was so awesome of your husband! What a great table!!! I can't wait to see how you use it and what you make next! I'm a new follower from Joy 2 Sew!