Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There really is no place like home.

Since last August our life has been one fast tracked roller coaster ride; keeping us in suspense around every turn. With baby number three due anytime sure has us counting our blessings and looking into a much brighter future.

We had been living with family since my husband unexpectedly lost his job last August and this month we were finally able to get into our own little house. You forget how much peace there is (even in tiny houses) that you just can't achieve when living with family. Don't get me wrong we are very thankful for the support our families have given us over the last six months and could never express how grateful we are.

Something bigger than ourselves changes in our marriage when its just the two of us left to scrape by and struggle. We tend to come together more and become a stone wall to fight our battles against the world. Our kids seem happier and more content having their own space and knowing that we are their providers. We know its not the easiest but as these last six months have shown us, rarely is anything actually easy.

Fitting our stuff into a small home has been challenging, however, we are making it work and things are coming together. We are SIMPLIFYING OUR LIVES!!! I LOVE that thought. I want to encourage everyone to simplify a little bit of your own lives and feel the satisfaction that comes from it.

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  1. I've missed your blogs! I know life has really been quit a test for you guys but you are perfect examples of how any one can survive the rough patches as long as they have the will to fight! God's really looking out for you 5 and it's been amazing to see his work and miracles I pray that you are thankful for his blessings (I'm certain you are) and realize with out him life is impossible! Love you!