Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coupon Deals Week of 5/8/11

Here are the deals I found for the week of 5/8/11. I shopped at Fred Meyers and Walgreen's according to their weekly ads.

Panteen Shampoo and Conditioner- Sale 2/$7 - $3 MFG Coupon= Paid 2/$4 got $1RR which was like paying $1.50 each!
Gillette Proglide Razor system- $9.89- $4 MFG Coupon= Paid $5.89 got $5RR which was like paying .89!
Carefree Pantiliners- Sale .99- .99 MFG Coupon= Freex2!
Kleenex- Sale .89
Pork and Beans- Sale 2/$1 x 2= Paid $2

Total= Paid $12.78 and got $6 Register Rewards! Like paying $6.78
Paid for this with last weeks earned Register Rewards! So, no money out of pocket!!!

Fred Meyers:
32oz. Powerade's- Sale 10/$5
Speed Stick Deodorant- Sale $1.79- $1off store coupon- .50off MFG Coupon= .29!!!
Speed Stick Deodorant- Sale $1.79- $1off store coupon= .79
Pasta Roni- Sale 10/$10 bought 5= $5
8 pack 20oz Gatorade- Store Coupon $3.99 each x 2= $7.98
Tillamook Yogurt- Sale 3/$1 x 9= $3
Colgate Toothpaste- Sale $1.79- $1off store Coupon- .75 MFG Coupon= .04!!!
Colgate Toothbrush- Sale $1.79- $1off store coupon- .75 MFG Coupon= .04!!!
Doritos- Sale 2/$3
Purex Laundry Detergent- Sale $1.99- $1 MFG Coupon= .99 each x 2= $1.98

Total Paid $27.12

This week I felt really great about my purchases. Getting better when you can just coupon shop. I hate the feeling of paying full price! Can't wait to hear about your deals!

Good Luck & Best Wishes!



  1. At your walgreens do they allow you to use mulitiple register rewards when paying or are you only allowed to use one?

  2. Multiple. As long as you have more items than coupons and rewards. For example I couldn't buy one razor and use a coupon and a register reward to pay (that would be one item and 2 coupons), but you can add filler items like a pack of gum to make more items. Also, don't use the same register reward to pay for another same item or it wont print another reward.