Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tinkerbell 2nd Birthday!!

Time to catch up on all the goodness I encountered over spring break. Having a break from work and college I embraced the free time and dived head first into all the crafts and projects I had been saving up for! First on the list was my Holly Dolly's 2nd birthday!

She has an obsession right now with princesses and Tinkerbell. So, I tossed the idea around, looked through several ideas on Pinterest before I settled on Tinkerbell. Are you ready for the excitement? Here we go!
Here is Holly in her Tinkerbell dress I made with all her accessories!

Next, we were onto food... Our main dish was pizza since we had a crowd to feed! But, we accompanied the pizza with all the fairy fixings!

With all the delicious snacks and the wonderful guests we needed some little treats...

The funnest little treat was our fairy wands which somehow I am missing the picture for! :( Bummer!! They were cute little delectable flower shaped rice krispy treats on top of pretzel rods, wrapped in seran wrap and tied with a ribbon.

Here is the very special birthday girl with her fabulous Auntie Summer!
We had our little guests come dressed in all their fairy gear! I had set out spare fairy wings for any little fairy that didn't have their own! Overall, the party was a huge success. My dolly was spoiled rotten, happy as can be, and very appreciative of her friends and family who made it!

Thank you for the special day!

~Momma Keli~

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