Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me!

1. I have a google obsession. I love to know details and whenever something comes to mind my first instinct is to google it!

2. I love to cry. I think it is the best release of any emotion. I cry when I am happy, sad and mad. I hate crying when I am angry. I feel its a sign of weakness and makes it so hard to stand your ground.

3. When shopping I only buy things in even numbers. Weird, I know! I don't have an explanation for this one!

4. I only go in the left side of a store and ALWAYS shop from the left side to the right side. Again, it just feels right. I have tried the other way and I always forget things and leave feeling wrong.

5. Reading is my most favorite pastime. I can finish a novel in a day. I think in some way this has to be hereditary because my mom is the same.

6. I love my kids and husband more than life itself! No explanation needed!

7. I have a passion for all things homemade. Being self-sufficient is a dream! Sometimes its more affordable and other times its just cooler. But, regardless its what I love to do. I am always looking for new things to try!

8. I was meant to be a pioneer woman of the early 20th century. Homemaking and being domestic are a woman's job. I know hate me if you will; but, its just how I feel. We both work. So, my husband and I share many of the household duties and I still feel guilty about it.

9. I don't believe women should drive. I drive because its necessary. But, if I could live in the days of self sufficiency and monthly trips to town I would. I would not drive at all. I feel like women have too much on their minds at one time and driving is a skill that takes serious focus. I know I always have ten thousand things on my mind and am never totally focused on the road. I will also admit I am probably the worlds WORST driver.

10. I am obsessed with planning, routine and lists. I drive lots of family members and friends crazy because of it. Maybe I should be called a control freak.  I just prefer to know what is happening and where its going to lead. I am not a flies by the seat of her pants type of girl. I hate surprises. I want details.

Hope you all have enjoyed these 10 facts about me!
If there is anything else you want to know just ask! 


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