Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Pallet Night Stands and Wall Hanging

Continuing on with the Pallet Furniture theme from last week; we made matching night stands.  Another item our room was lacking in. We wanted to continue making things with as little cost as possible; the only thing purchased were $3.00 worth of flowers from the dollar tree. 

We wanted to stay with the barn door style and the rough, raw wood. I didn't snap any pictures as the hubby was working on these. :( But, I can give a brief explanation. :) 

He made two square frames the width and depth we wanted them to be. Then he cut boards the height we wanted and nailed them to the four sides of the frame. Added the accent and a quick run over with the sander and voila! Repeat and there you have it! Two night stands. 

I love the combination of these candle holders, the flowers in a jar and the raw wood. Its beautiful!

This little beauty is one of my favorites so far...

This wall hanging was an interesting piece. After cutting the boards the right length for the night stands, we had this ladder looking piece left. It was too unique to just throw into the burn pile. We sat in our room just looking at it. I checked my "My love of Pallets" board on pinterest for ideas I had liked. Searching for some way to incorporate this wood. Then it hit me! I saw this cute pin..

Pinned Image

That's where the mason jars came from! We added the flowers to tie it in with the headboard. Then we stood back and said, "Wow". It just created itself! 

Capturing its beauty I found is not happening with my POS camera! 

Tell me what you think! I would love any more suggestions in this bedroom revamp of ours! We are currently working on a corner bench for our room! Stay tuned..

Happy Building! 


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