Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Pallet Headboard

Thanks to Pinterest, I have an obsession with all things made from pallets. There are so many wonderful ideas to upcycle pallets. Plus, they are found in abundance and most places just give them away. I started pinning ideas that I liked, shared them with my husband and soon we both couldn't keep pallets off our minds. I checked craigslist for free pallets and found tons but most were an hour away. (The joys of small town living.) I decided before driving to get something that is free I would call around town. Well, my first call scored me with a lovely stack of 15 pallets. I am also told they have 10-30 on a regular basis. SCORE!! :)

Our first project we knew had to be a headboard. Our poor bedroom has been the most neglected room in our house! Complete with mismatched, garage sale furniture. Only thing new was our mattress that we bought two years ago. 

It started something like this: A 6' x 4' pallet. We moved the boards together to remove the gaps. 

Added a couple helpers. :)

Next, the hubby surprised me with barn door style accents. Which I absolutely LOVED!!

Lastly, we needed a finishing touch. I thought a monogram would have been best. But, if we ever wanted to get rid of this we decided on a heart. So, I grabbed some newspaper and made a stencil. 

We used some left over chalkboard paint. 
(Another love of mine.)

Here is the finished project. I am absolutely in love with its rustic charm!
I find myself walking past my room and just staring at it. 

It was that simple. Took about 3 hours to make. Start to finish. We used one big pallet and a third of a smaller one. All materials were what we had laying around or free. Completely free new piece of bedroom furniture! We still have 13 pallets left! :)

Stay tuned for more projects with pallets.



  1. I Love It!!! I always saw those pallet ideas on pintrest but had no idea they would be free! Where did you come by yours?

  2. I found ours at Ag West here in town. But, just search craigslist they are all over the place!