Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Easiest Infant Peasant Dress!

As I was lost in blogland one day; I stumbled across this adorable tutorial for a peasant dress. I was blown away with how easy this would be to make. An hour for one dress? My kinda project!

 So, while the kids were napping I gathered my supplies and set out to work. 


This bow was made using the same material of the dress from a great friend of ours over at KayCie Kreations

Yes, I know those beautiful blue eyes are going to break many hearts someday! 

Since the measurements called for in this tutorial are for a 2t/3t, I had to make some adjustments. I needed a 9 month size. 

I went with 12"w x 16"l for the body of the dress. 
Sleeves were 10"w x 12"l. 
The contrast part at the bottom of the dress was 12"w x 4"l. 

My dress after seam allowances, ironing and all the other details ended up a little smaller than I wanted. I didn't end up putting the elastic around the chest since the chest was already form fitting. I would estimate this dress with my measurements to fit a 6-9 month old. My sweet girl is 9 months and it fits but not with the flow of a standard peasant dress. 

My recommendations for a 9-12 month dress would be:  
Body 14"w x 16"l, Sleeves 10"w x 14"l and Contrast 14"w x 4"l.

Check out many other great tutorials by Sew Like My Mom here! 

Happy Sewing! 


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